King James Only?

a guide to bible translations

by Dr. Robert A. Joyner, D.B.S, Th.D, Ph.D

King James Only?

by Robert Joyner

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This book is written with the layman in mind. There is not a lot of technical jargon. The author proves his point with undeniable facts, logic, and Scripture.

In this book Dr. Joyner dissects and destroys the King James Only group. Starting with the King James translators, using their own words, he shows they believed contrary to the King James Only advocates in every point. The author then gives incontestable proof that the King James Version is not perfect. At the same time he shows the NIV and the NASB can be of great help to the reader in many important places.

In chapter 4, Dr. Joyner shows the King James only view is not the historic fundamental view. Chapter 5 shows why we can be sure our English translations are accurate. The author then shows why the background for the NIV and the NASB is far superior to the KJV.

In chapter 8, Dr. Joyner shows how lies and slander is common for King James Only books. In chapter 9 and 10, the author shows how obsolete words are a bigger problem than most people would think. In chapter 11, Dr. Joyner answers the objections the KJV advocates give. He shows none of them are Scriptural or logical.


Dr. Joyner is the founder and Pastor of Community Baptist Church. He started the church in 1978 and pastored it until 2007, when he retired. Dr. Joyner became a Christian at the age of 21. He immediately began to study the Bible and not long after began to teach the Adult Sunday School class at Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, N.C.

In 1961, at the age of 26, Dr. Joyner began the ministry of starting and pastoring Independent Baptist Churches. Shelmerdine Missionary Baptist was the first church he started. He went on to pastor in Ayden, Snow Hill, Winterville and Mill Creek. All of which are in Eastern North Carolina.

Dr. Joyner has earned three doctorate degrees. He has a Doctor of Bible Subjects (D.B.S.) from International Bible Seminary Orlando, Florida. He has a Doctor of Theology degree (Th.D.) from Alabama Bible College and a Doctor of Philosophy in Religion (Ph.D.) from Trinity Theological Seminary Newburgh, Indiana.


"Closed minds will not want to read this book. Open minds will welcome it. Pastors may want to obtain copies to give to lay people who inquire about the controversy."Dr. Robert L. Sumner, editor of THE BIBLE EVANGELIST.
"Dr Joyner's new book, KING JAMES ONLY? is the very best on this subject for the average person who has no knowledge of Greek and Hebrew."Evangelist Gary R. Hudson, M.A. former Editor of BAPTIST BIBLICAL HERITAGE
"This book is a masterpiece. It is long overdue."Rev. Paul Caulwell, Columbus, OH
"Thank you for writing your book KING JAMES ONLY?. I agree with you whole heartily and believe that you have done a very fine job in putting it together."Dr. Donald R. SuttlesFormer Vice President of Piedmont Baptist College.
"A tremendous book."Rev. Bill BradleyPastor of Grace Baptist Church, Kinston, N.C.